Why Github Offices Look Amazing

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Git, it’s a web-hosting software program. Github (https://github.com/) is becoming one of the premiere tools for offices and other work places. It’s a web-hosting service that helps to maximize your programming potential and reduce much of the web provider headache.

There are many details online that explains how Github is better then most other services out there. It’s actually better then most of it’s competitors. Today I will be talking about the benefits and how you can maximize your office productivity.


1) It’s easy to use. I know others have advertised the same benefit, but Github lives up to it’s promise. Git will also allow you to commit to anything, at anytime or anywhere. Usually you need to be connected to a network to do web-based work online. With Github, you won’t need to. If you are under deadline and you aren’t able to access a connection, Git will work for you. You can get done the work you need to and not worry about constantly having a connection that is down.

2) You can merge onto different branches with greater ease, more efficient then the competitors. Using this software is cheaper then a lot of others out there.

3) It will allow you to control your workflow much better. For many, the stress of the workload weights them down. I can understand, we have all been there. The boss piles on more work each day. Some days you feel as though you can’t even catch up. Github allows you to control the pace. You can actually give out tasks more efficiently. The tasks will get done much quicker. The personal stress level will go down, as well as the rest of the staff in the office.

4) With everything going to one central source, you won’t have many office mishaps coming about. All you do is send the information to one source and your done. It saves the data and you can retrieve it at any time. Git is also going to cut down on the issue of repeating work.

Sometimes when data gets sent to several sources, you run into the risk of repeating yourself. Your office’s reputation will be reflecting poorly on this. When you have to repeat yourself and resend data, it takes up time, money, and staff. Git won’t give you this trouble. This leads your office staff open to take on projects that you haven’t been able to get to.

5) You can work in repo mode. This comes in handy why you are dealing with a temperamental server. When the server goes down, you lose time and money. When the server goes down, you could lose potential clients. If your clients can’t get a hold of you, you might lose them. That means loss of money. If the connection is faulty or down, just turn on repo and work till you can’t do it anymore.

6)There is only one directory. Others software web-hosting servers have more then one. This takes up space. You have to create a directory for each sub-file. This also takes away from other work, work the office staff needs to handle. Get the Github. You have one file, one directory. This will make your life so much simpler.

7)Your disk space will be optimized to the fullest extent. Github will clear out the space and get rid of what you don’t need. Not many web-hosting providers will do this. Your network performance will also be improved, far greater then other systems on the market. You won’t have to deal with a slow-running system. Github will back up everything and get rid of unwanted space.

8)You are able to team up with other people that much sooner and quicker. Git allows you to merge on other projects and get involved. Your other programs or files won’t be affected by it either.

9) Git is not just a code. What I mean by code is with the hacking protocol. You can use it for hacking, if you really want to. It just offers so much more.


1) Is it for big offices? Can smaller offices use it too?

The main site is used for the smaller offices or startups. If you are a large corporation, you can upgrade. The upgrade would be GITHUB::FI. This stands for firewall install. The benefits of the Github upgrade is you can do your own private networking, while taking advantage of the main features.

2)How do I get involved with Github?

Log onto the site and take the beginner’s course. Once you do this, create your own Git computer-system. Create the Git repo and fork it. Once that is done, just start becoming social. Start putting yourself out there.

If you have already done the above steps, you need to focus on socializing. Use the system to your own advantage. Look at the social networks and see how you can get involved. You can keep tabs on what your friends are doing. Do they need to be in the system too? Not really, but it does help. You can keep tabs on what is going on around you. You can also keep tabs on different projects that are out there. If there something you want to be included in, you can reach out.

Surprisingly The Safest Neighborhoods For Residential Living In NYC

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Neighborhoods offer their residents varying services and amenities, but safety is one thing that can rarely be compromised. Several neighborhoods floated to the top of the list when seeking the safest neighborhoods in the borough of the Bronx, one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. This includes Riverdale which ranked as the safest neighborhood in the Bronx along with City Island, and third is the Country Club section. Each of these 3 neighborhoods have their own special qualities and demographic characteristics. What stands out in each is the commitment to safety among the residents and police. Crime is low and the statistics bear this out, as will be shown.

The Bronx

The Borough of the Bronx and its many neighborhoods have made great strides and improvements over the past several decades. The borough whose notorious reputation in the 1970’s, during a period referred to as the ‘burning of the Bronx,’ is very much something of the past. During that time, wholesale blocks of southern Bronx neighborhoods burned at the behest of the landlords, seeking insurance money for their mostly residential properties that they preferred to destroy rather than invest maintainin. Property values had tanked, schools were in despair and crime was rampant. The police feared getting out of their patrol cars, in certain neighborhoods where drug dealers had everything locked down. The middle class and most white folks who could, fled the borough and often enough the City of NY, heading for the safety of the suburbs, Westchester county and the surrounding areas.

The Bronx still has image problems, inaccurate perceptions among those outside looking in, but that too is changing slowly but surely. The borough continues to struggle to build an accurate and reputable image of its many fine diverse neighborhoods and communities. There has been tremendous growth in real estate construction and a push for home ownership in what were struggling neighborhoods. Smaller residential buildings of single and 2-family homes have proliferated throughout the borough, facilitating buy-in and a vested interest by new homeowners in their new neighborhoods. This has strengthened the tax base and the commitment of the citizens of the borough.

The City of NY in conjunction with NY State, in their continuing efforts to expand the viability of the economic base of Bronx county, have implemented tax-free economic zones and other economic incentives for business investment, job creation, economic opportunity and prosperity. Safety is a major consideration, helping to build the borough and its reputation.


Riverdale ranks as the safest neighborhood in all of the Bronx and ranks 13th across the entire City of NY. Riverdale is along the northwestern most flank of the City of NY and Bronx county. It sits in a relatively secluded expanse by virtue of limited subway access, only one train line travels that far west and that far north, and the geography of that area is difficult to traverse. On the western most side is the Hudson River, providing beautiful views to residents. In addition, it is very hilly. The isolation has helped shelter this community and kept property values high. There are many large, highly valued, private homes in the community. It is considered the most affluent neighborhood in the borough and the safest. The crime rate has gone down significantly in the past 2 decades.

Riverdale is highly coveted for its safe streets and beautiful homes. Crime has taken a huge dip in this community, across all categories. Most significant has been the decline in grand theft auto, which declined by over 95 percent from 1993 to 2013. As of 2013 it stood at 87 auto thefts for the year, compared with 1,786 in 1993. There have been even fewer grand larceny auto thefts in 2014, through to the end of November, totaling 78. The only category in 2014 with an increase at all, has been rape which appears to have spiked to 16 rapes through the end of November. There are 7 crime categories followed in total: burglary, robbery, murder, rape, felony assault, grand larceny and grand larceny vehicular. There was a 78 percent decline in crime from 1993 to 2013, across the 50th precinct overall, in Riverdale. There appears to be a continuing downward trend in crime through 2014 in all categories other than rape.

Comparing the Riverdale 2013 figures in terms of population per 1,000, to all of NYC, Riverdale is safer in every category. For example, in Riverdale the rate of burglaries per 1,000 is 1.49 which is lower than the NYC burglary rate of 2.13. The NYC crime rate per 1,000 was 13.62, whereas for Riverdale it was 9.34 in 2013.

City Island

City Island is located in the north east most corner of Bronx county in the 45th NYPD police precinct. It is 1.5 miles long and half a mile wide. As named, it is a small island with the City Island Bridge connecting the mainland to the island at Pelham Bay. This area of the Bronx is known for large expanses of designated park land. Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in the City of NY. The City Island Bridge connects to Orchard Beach and Pelham Bay Park.

City Island is known for its array of yacht clubs surrounding the island and its many seafood restaurants that dot the island from one end to the other. It has a small but relatively affluent population, compared with the Bronx overall. The island draws tourists to the many restaurants and for deep sea fishing, especially in the warm summer months.

City Island is a very safe environment, in part because it is completely cut-off from the mainland. The residents of the island reside mostly in private homes and as such have a vested interest in ensuring the safety of their homes, the island and their community. Crime has diminished substantially in most categories over the past 20 years. Over the period 1993 to 2013 there was a 73 percent decrease in crime across the entire 45th precinct. The 45th precinct includes several communities in addition to City Island. Crimes occurring in the 45 precinct in 2013 totaled 1,110. In 1993, 20 years earlier, the total was a much larger, 4,130 crimes.

Compared with the City of NY overall, City Island is safer. Each crime category, per 1,000 people, is lower in City Island except for burglary. Grand Larceny is the most striking difference and significantly lower than the City of NY overall. City Island’s rate, per 1,000, for grand larceny is 2.98 compared with 5.55 for all of NYC.

The only category of crime with an increase, in the same 20 year period across the 45th precinct, has been grand larceny, which totaled 415 in 1993 and in 2013 was 439. This represented a 5.8 percent increase in grand larceny crimes. In 1993, crime in the category of grand larceny vehicular, totaled 2,185 incidents. In 2013, in the same category, the total was 160. That represents a decline of nearly 93 percent across the 50th precinct, over 20 years. Burglary has also seen significant declines since 1993 when there were 803 incidents. In 2013 that number had declined by over 78 percent to 172 burglaries.

The third neighborhood with strong safety indications is the Country Club section of the Bronx. Like City Island, it is also represented by the 45th precinct. The similarity this neighborhood shares with both City Island and Riverdale, is the large number of private homes that dominate. Once again, it can be said that this characteristic keeps the community strongly committed to safety, security and maintaining housing values. The tax base tends to be stable or increasing and people feel connected within the neighborhood, ensuring the safety of the streets and the well being of neighbors.

Locally, there were 5 burglaries, 11 incidents of grand larceny, 8 occurrences of vehicular grand larceny, 2 felony assaults and 4 robbery events in 2013. There were no murders and no rapes. For purposes of comparison, this data was calculated per 1,000 population. This is represented as 0.61 burglaries per 1,000 people, 0.24 felony assaults, 0.98 vehicular grand larcenies, 0.49 robberies and 1.35 grand larcenies. These are all below NYC equivalents per 1,000 except vehicular grand larceny which for NYC overall was 0.9, compared with the 0.98 for Country Club.

In 2013 New York City was ranked the third safest city among large cities in the US, with populations over half a million. Comparing the 3 safest neighborhoods in the Bronx against all of NYC, it is interesting to see that in nearly all categories NYC ranks less safe.